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Our Effort Priority

  • Strict and extensive training programs in preparing the maids to meet the challenges and demands of Singapore families.
  • Train the influent our maid to obey instructions, be humble, and loving to your children and family.
  • Maids are selected not only considering their skills but also their ability to understand our cultural differences and responsiveness.

Our Services:

Foreign Maids

  • New Maid/Transfer Application
  • Direct Hire Application
  • Renewal of Work Permit or Passport
  • Personal /Medical Insurance and security bond
  • Renewal/Cancellation of Work Permit
  • Consultation and Counselling
  • Holiday drop off
  • Send your maid to airport day / night service
  • Arrangement for medical check up
  • Overseas and Local Training
  • HOME SERVICES(Call:90269710)

Foreign Workers

  • Work Permit
  • S Pass
  • Employment Pass
  • Others